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Achik Pukllay - Bingo in Kichwa

ACHIK = light PUKLLAY = game, 

Achik Pukllay is a board game, inspired by the Mexican Lottery, similar to Bingo.

This project is self-managed.

Created in order to encourage and facilitate the learning of the Kichwa language.

How to Play


Ways to Play

Get Your Game

Where to Learn Kichwa

How to Play


The game comes with:
+ 10 boards
+ 54 cards
+ manual in Kichwa and Spanish.

#Players from 2 to 10


1. Distribute the cards to each player.

2. Take out the first card from the deck and read it aloud.

3. Players, look for the same card figure on your board.

4. If you have it, mark the image with a bean.

5. Fill out your board and shout:




How to make the game even more enjoyable.

Although the game is entertaining, in this section, there are some tips to make the rounds more lively.

These techniques have proven effective when playing with multiple children whose boundless energy requires increasingly engaging activities.

Where to find the Game

Señora Olguita

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Monday - Friday

Quito: Kiosko de la Señora Olguita  - Av. 12 de Octubre y Cordero esquin


San Diego, CA: Libelula Books and Co.

Where Can You Learn Kichwa

Yachachik Rasu Paza

Centro de Pensamiento Tinkunakuy

Online and In Person

Whatsapp +593 98 059 7231

Kichwa Net

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